Explore Brown County:
Nashville Theaters

There is a wealth of talent on the theater stages of Nashville—something for everyone.


Bob and Romilda Hamontre made the old Bond Funeral Home into the Pine Box Theatre more than a decade ago to satisfy Romilda’s dream of owning her own theater.

Those Good Time Gals and Guys write the shows, arrange the music, choreograph the dances, and design the sets.

The crew will be performing Turn Your Radio On during the month of October. The show takes you back to the early 1940s and radio variety shows with hits from the 40s, singing commercials, comedy, and skits from shows like Fibber McGee and Molly and George Burns and Gracie Allen.

The Pine Box Theatre is now located at their original home on South Jefferson with shows on Friday and Saturday nights at 8:00 and Sunday afternoons at 3:00. For reservations call 812-988-6827 or 800-685-9624.


The Nashville Follies opens their show Shake, Rattle & Roll on Friday, October 4th and runs until November 16th. This musical version of the hits from the 1950s and 60s features those fabulous sounds that cause the audience to relive the good old days when cruising and hanging out at the drive-in or soda shop were the cool things to do. Shake Rattle & Roll has been voted “Best Show” three years in a row.

In a season of four shows the six-member cast dances fast-paced synchronized steps while singing a stunning number of songs.

Joan Kisner is the producer, director and writer of the Follies. She was entertainment director at Old Indiana Park for many years and moved her shows to Nashville nine years ago.

The Nashville Follies, located in the heart of Coachlight Square, provides free parking for patrons. Showtimes are Fridays at 8:00 and Saturdays at 5:30 and 8:30. For reservations call 812-988-9007 or 800-449-7469(SHOW).


For more than 50 years Indiana University drama students have spent their summer vacations working with professional actors to entertain over a million theatergoers at the Brown County Playhouse. A few of those young actors, for example Kevin Klein, moved on to the big city stages.

The Playhouse is wrapping up its season this October with its production of I Hate Hamlet, a hilarious play of ghostly encounters that the Village Voice called “fast-mouthed and funny!” Playwright Paul Rudnick’s popular comedy centers on a California television actor’s struggle with the massive task and pressure of playing Hamlet. I Hate Hamlet opens Friday, September 27 and continues through October 26.

All performances begin at 8:00. Tickets may be purchased at the Brown County Playhouse Box Office, the IU Auditorium Box Office, and all Ticketmaster outlets. The theater is located at South Van Buren (the main drag). For information call 812-988-2123 or 855-1103.


The theatre began its 19th season this year with its production of the Comedy Cabaret on Strings (June, July and September), a classic variety format with trick marionettes. During October the Slightly Haunted Puppet Theatre is presented about 50 times. You will see a “ghoulish” cast of standard Halloween characters—a witch that brews up a scary concoction, a dancing scarecrow and a spooky skeleton—plus some unique characters such as the friendly tiny alien and the flying purple people eater. Peggy Pearson designs all the sets, puppets and costumes. She also magically makes all the characters come to life.

This small quaint outdoor theatre is located on the westside of South Van Buren next to the Old Bartley House. For information call 800-849-4853.


New this year is the Joybell Theater featuring the talents of handbell soloist Kristine Stout. You may have seen handbell choirs before—a group of people gathered behind a table containing sets of brass bells, one for each note. Working together, each at the proper time picks up and rings the bells to create a song just as if it were being played on a keyboard. It’s the same thing here, except Kristine herself plays all 37 bells, sliding gracefully from one end of the long table to another, with the precision of an assembly line worker, and the graceful form of a ballet dancer, meticulously playing to her own pre-recorded accompaniment.

The theater and gift shop is located on North Van Buren Street. For information call 800-462-1241 or 812-988-2166. Visit their website <www.joybelltheater.com>.