Hobnob Big Brothers
Big Sisters Benefit
Wine Tasting & Dinner
January 21, 2005

Friday evening, January 21, 2005, Hobnob Corner restaurant in downtown Nashville, Indiana, will serve the Eighth Annual “Uncork the Magic” Wine Tasting dinner to benefit the Brown County chapter of Big Brothers Big Sisters. The evening begins with a reception at the Visitors Center about 6:30 p.m. Dinner begins at about 7:30 p.m. Hobnob will close to the general public for the day so that volunteers can work a little magic on the restaurant.

“We close for part of the day prior to the dinner and the day of the dinner itself in order to decorate the business, line the tables with linen, set out the china and silverware and polish the glassware. We have lots of help from people who work here and volunteer their time, from people who used to work here and come back for the night, and from other people in the community. Some of our suppliers help with the food cost and all labor is donated,’ says Hobnob owner Warren Cole. “We serve the most elegant several-course meal we can manage.” For one night, the old building housing the Hobnob puts on some airs. One would hardly think it would be back to breakfast as usual the next day.

The dinner has become a bright spot in the long, slow winter. The streets are empty, the night dark, but lights glow invitingly from the Visitors Center where before the dinner begins guests will gather for a festive glass of Bouvet Brut. A salmon mousse seasoned with sage on crostini will be passed among the guests. Also at this time a silent auction featuring wine takes place. Last year saw such notable bottles as a Heitz Martha’s Vineyard 1984, a Domaine de Fontarney Margaux from 1978, various line Champagnes including a Krug Grande Cuvee in its box given by the Friends of Stone Head, a jeroboam of 1997 Boscaini Santa Stefano, and many more. In fact about two dozen bottles were available for bidding. There was some happy hunting for wine lovers. And if uninterested in wine alone, perhaps one would be interested in bidding on a dinner for eight to be offered at the auction this year.

Afterwards guests move across the street to Hobnob Corner for seating where the warm tones of the saxophone and guitar duo of Jackson and Elliot will greet them. And then the dinner begins.

Just as last year the choices of wine have driven this year’s menu. The various chefs have gathered throughout the year with the help of Claire Becraft of Olinger Distributing to taste various wines and arrive at good food matches for them. It was hard work, but someone had to do it! (Well…maybe there was a little fun in all of this, too.) Guests will sit down to a delicate consommé based on shrimp stock and garnished with a touch of ginger and golden raisins accompanied by a glass of Heitz Cellars Napa Chardonnay. A mango sorbet will intervene to prepare the palate for the next course, a choice of either almond encrusted swordfish with a parsley garlic potato puree and assorted seasonal vegetables accompanied by Gary Farrell Redwood Ranch Sauvignon Blanc, or breast of duck with a cherry plum sauce served over polenta with root vegetables and accompanied by a deep dark red, Joseph Phelps Insignia.

As always a trio of desserts will be offered for one’s delectation and accompanied by a glass of Jackson-Triggs Gewurztraminer. As the evening thank you’s are made, there will be an English cheddar passed with almonds and a glass of Joseph Phelps Pastiche, a big and luscious red wine that will end it all with flair and flavor.

The cost for the evening is $195 per couple with seating limited to about eighty people. Reservations may be made at 1-800-753-3255 or locally at 812-988-7303. Or call Warren Cole at 812 988-4114.

Last year this dinner sold out very quickly. And why not? The food is unusual and the wines served are distinguished. So, if interested, please do not delay.